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Defining desire in terms of incontinence means that it is not defined dualistically for the same principle, see the Introduction to Inferno 5 , for the Aristotelian system of virtue as a mean between two sinful extremes is a unitary system, based on a spectrum of behaviors, not a dualistic one. The Christian system produces a binary: for every capital vice cited above, Dante in Purgatorio will produce a corresponding virtue. See too the Introduction to Inferno The souls of this circle are symmetrically arranged, as befits their equal distance from the virtuous mean.

The misers push heavy stones around the circle in one direction, while the prodigals do the same in the other direction. The question of wealth leads Virgilio into a long explanation, in the second half of the canto Inf. This is the discussion of the role of Fortune in human lives.

In yet another twist in his extraordinarily complex response to classical culture, Dante through Virgilio refutes the classical understanding of the goddess Fortuna, which holds that she is blind and therefore arbitrary and capricious in her distribution of material goods, arbitrarily causing some human fortunes to rise and others to fall.

Instead he insists that Fortuna is a minister of God, positioned in heaven with the other deities. If instead we conceive Fortuna to be a minister of divine Providence, her actions are by definition not capricious and therefore less threatening. Although we cannot understand or appreciate her actions, they are willed by Providence and therefore must be seen as part of a larger divine plan, which in turn must be construed as good.

Whereas Aristotle constructs an anger spectrum on which irascibility and lack of spirit are extremes while patience is the virtuous mid-point, Dante constructs an anger spectrum in which righteous anger is the virtuous mean, flanked by the vicious extremes of melancholic tristitia and rabid ira. The paradigm that results is as follows:. Cecco attacks Dante for belief in determinism. Fascinatingly, he accuses Dante of not sufficiently championing free will:. His attack on Dante was noted by contemporaries, and it is important for us to note that they did not dismiss it out of hand.

Boccaccio in his Esposizioni writes that the words of Inferno 7.

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For more on the controversy generated by Inferno 7. Jan Ziolkowski Cambridge: Harvard U.

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The gentle sage, aware of everything,. Let your vindictiveness feed on yourself.

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His is no random journey to the deep: it has been willed on high, where Michael took revenge upon the arrogant rebellion. As sails inflated by the wind collapse, entangled in a heap, when the mast cracks, so that ferocious beast fell to the ground. Justice of God! Who has amassed as many strange tortures and travails as I have seen? Why do we let our guilt consume us so? Even as waves that break above Charybdis, each shattering the other when they meet, so must the spirits here dance their round dance.

Here, more than elsewhere, I saw multitudes to every side of me; their howls were loud while, wheeling weights, they used their chests to push. So did they move around the sorry circle from left and right to the opposing point; again, again they cried their chant of scorn;. And I, who felt my heart almost pierced through,.

Their voices bark this out with clarity when they have reached the two points of the circle where their opposing guilts divide their ranks. These to the left—their heads bereft of hair— were clergymen, and popes and cardinals, within whom avarice works its excess. Ill giving and ill keeping have robbed both of the fair world and set them to this fracas— what that is like, my words need not embellish.

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  • I want you to digest my word on this. Who made the heavens and who gave them guides was He whose wisdom transcends everything; that every part may shine unto the other,. He had the light apportioned equally; similarly, for wordly splendors, He ordained a general minister and guide. Your knowledge cannot stand against her force; for she foresees and judges and maintains her kingdom as the other gods do theirs. The changes that she brings are without respite: it is necessity that makes her swift; and for this reason, men change state so often. She is the one so frequently maligned even by those who should give praise to her— they blame her wrongfully with words of scorn.

    But she is blessed and does not hear these things; for with the other primal beings, happy, she turns her sphere and glories in her bliss. But now let us descend to greater sorrow, for every star that rose when I first moved is setting now; we cannot stay too long. We crossed the circle to the other shore; we reached a foaming watercourse that spills into a trench formed by its overflow.

    That stream was even darker than deep purple; and we, together with those shadowed waves, moved downward and along a strange pathway. When it has reached the foot of those malign gray slopes, that melancholy stream descends, forming a swamp that bears the name of Styx. And I, who was intent on watching it, could make out muddied people in that slime, all naked and their faces furious.

    These struck each other not with hands alone, but with their heads and chests and with their feet, and tore each other piecemeal with their teeth. And so, between the dry shore and the swamp, we circled much of that disgusting pond, our eyes upon the swallowers of slime. Not causeless is this journey to the abyss; Thus is it willed on high, where Michael wrought Vengeance upon the proud adultery.

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    Even as the sails inflated by the wind Involved together fall when snaps the mast, So fell the cruel monster to the earth. Thus we descended into the fourth chasm, Gaining still farther on the dolesome shore Which all the woe of the universe insacks. Justice of God, ah! And why doth our transgression waste us so? As doth the billow there upon Charybdis, That breaks itself on that which it encounters, So here the folk must dance their roundelay.

    Here saw I people, more than elsewhere, many, On one side and the other, with great howls, Rolling weights forward by main force of chest. Thus they returned along the lurid circle On either hand unto the opposite point, Shouting their shameful metre evermore.

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    Then each, when he arrived there, wheeled about Through his half—circle to another joust; And I, who had my heart pierced as it were,. Clerks those were who no hairy covering Have on the head, and Popes and Cardinals, In whom doth Avarice practise its excess. Forever shall they come to these two buttings; These from the sepulchre shall rise again With the fist closed, and these with tresses shorn.

    Now canst thou, Son, behold the transient farce Of goods that are committed unto Fortune, For which the human race each other buffet;. For all the gold that is beneath the moon, Or ever has been, of these weary souls Could never make a single one repose. Now will I have thee learn my judgment of her. He whose omniscience everything transcends The heavens created, and gave who should guide them, That every part to every part may shine,. Person: wise elder, counsellor and mentor, teacher, conductor. Those who serve for the benefit of others and carry the light of truth. Psychotherapist, ascetic, scholar, hermit.

    Internal counsellor — soul driver. Reversed Hermit Qualities: fixedness, secrecy, powerlessness, falsehood, suspicion, fatigue, deception. X Wheel of Fortune Cycling. Tarot Card Symbols: a large roulette wheel embraces the entire globe. Above the roulette wheel stands success, inspiration, euphoria.


    The man raises his hands up in joy: he has won money or achieved what he wanted and he feels his greatness — he is trying to touch heaven! Below the wheel stands failure, captivity, slavery and poverty. Though he might have yesterday been successful and contented, the man has now lost everything; he has been chained and sent to prison. The roulette wheel spins, the phases of success and failure alternate; this is the rhythm in which the earth revolves.

    Everything flows and changes every second, supporting the process of perpetual becoming and destruction.