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They would be just as happy on a ski slope, rafting down a river or cliff diving. She is not the most sensitive of friends. Take it seriously, because Dragon natives demand percent of your loyalty. Finding love with people born in the Year of the Dragon is a bit tricky.

It takes a special kind of person. They are charismatic but impulsive, generous but egotistical. The right partner will be someone who is intelligent, has a strong sense of self and an active sense of humor. Marriage will have its highs and lows, but it will be a committed union, one that brings satisfaction to both partners. Although Dragons are enthusiastic about most things like furthering their careers, they are less eager to become parents.

Having children often comes after they feel secure in their business position. Be aware that Dragon children need special handling. They are fiercely independent. That means their school years are going to be troublesome.

The Year Of The Dragon: 10 Personality Traits

Dragons are daydreamers, and will most probably be the ringleader when a mess blows up. This calls for exceptional understanding on the part of a parent. On the one hand, you must advise against bad behavior, but on the other hand you must encourage imagination and creativity. Bringing this child to adulthood will be a challenge. It is said he leaves wealth, harmony and good luck in his path. This year, karma dictates that the Dragon will experience a year with very few downtimes. Be wise and take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way, especially if you are engaged in a creative or artistic field.


If you are living the single life—watch out. An intriguing love interest will appear this year.

It is unclear whether the relationship will bring joy and happiness, or disappointment. You are advised to go for it, but be wary. If you are engaged or married, you too should be aware that a magnetic personality will soon enter the picture. Use some of your own allure to change the seduction into a rewarding platonic friendship. Someone in your family may need your moral support.

Dragons can also be hypocritical if things are not quite right or not up to their expectations. Dragons are idealists and perfectionists; they demand a lot and they give a lot. Enthusiastic to the point of impetuosity, Dragons have big mouths. Their words overrun their thoughts, and their hearts run away with their heads. Intellectually, they are clever, bright, sharp people, yet on occasion they will throw all logic to the wind and follow their hunches.

Fortunately for them, they are strong on intuition and invariably all works out well. In a confrontation, Dragons have a tendency to misjudge the situation, and are not too adept at extricating themselves from difficulties. Interestingly, no matter what surprises Fate may have in store, whatever difficulties or hardships these people may encounter along the road, Dragons will always ultimately land on their feet.

They will be a success wherever they go, regardless of their chosen careers.

Male Dragons in Love

Dragons may devote themselves to a great cause or work, and if so, they will see it through to the end. This talent work two ways, as they can be equally devoted to a bad cause and equally successful in it. Dragons can't help but win!

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Capable of seeing both sides of any question, she has well-balanced views and fair opinions — when her ego is not directly involved. Bias and bigotry are generally not a part of her character. She is also incapable of meanness, pettiness, or hypocrisy. She values nothing more than independence, secretly if not openly despising those members of her own sex who play clinging vines to men.

Although she may sometimes appear voluble, letting her words outrun her thoughts, she detests gossip and scandal mongering. There is not a single trace of malice or perfidy in her since her honesty, sincerity, and frankness are never open to question; she inspires trust in all those who know her. Not only is this woman a person of mind, she is also someone with a fine heart.

Few would be more generous and warm than she. Loyal to her loved ones, be they her friends or members of her family, she would go to any lengths to oblige them and defends them with aggressivity and unrelentingness. This is not a person who holds grudges; if betrayed, she can forgive without too much difficulty.

Only very occasionally does she let herself be overshadowed by pessimism, resentment, or vindictiveness. The Dragon woman likes to be responsible and in a position of authority; it is because she has enormous faith in herself and is perfectly conscious of her personal magnetism. She is passionate, optimistic, enthusiastic, often on the brink of impetuosity.

Pig And Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility |

Nothing seems beyond her capacity, and she is ever ready to take up any challenge which offers itself to her. Whatever she undertakes, she will see it through to the good end — or she will die for it! Difficulties bring out the best in her. She vaguely senses that she has a mission to carry out in this world.